My first craft - Beach wedding theme chocolate box

Posted by YY on Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's really sweet of Swee to invite us to his wedding at Banyan Tree, Bintan and being uni classmates, I felt I should really make some handmade gift for him.

His wedding gift, a box of handmade chocolate.
In this post, I will be talking about the chocolate box design cos I can't make the chocs yet.
The silver box is from Prints at $5, pretty pricey if you ask me.

One Sunday afternoon, I passed by Raffles' Hotel and I saw this wedding car with the color scheme of gold, white, bright yellow. It struck me that I should use this color(gold, white, yellow) instead of all those blue colors which I thought would fit the theme of a beach wedding, cos the yellow was simply stunning.

I had this idea of a metal heart, maybe made of wire mesh and stuffing some swarovski crystals in it, but very soon I realised that its harder than I thought to find the perfect mesh heart.

So I went to Spotlight at Plaza Singapura in search for:
1. Nautical theme ribbon
2. Metal heart

Initially, I wanted the red,white,blue nautical ribbon + gold solid heart together with white and dark blue ribbons. But the nautical ribbon was sold out at Spotlight!

Alright, plan B then. There was another, white, blue. Ok this shall be it and I grabbed a pack of metal hearts from another section within Spotlight. Spotlight is now my best friend.

Materials required:
1. Nautical theme ribbon (blue white blue from Spotlight, 2m $2.90)
2. Mesh gold ribbon (from Prints $2.70/m) => 2m required
3. Satin white ribbon (from Prints $2.70/m) => 2m required
4. Plastic silver hearts (from Spotlight $3.xx)
5. Silver box (from Prints $5)

Total packaging cost comes up to about $15(cos I didn't use everything up at one go)

After tying the white and gold ribbons onto the box. Simple, elegant but what about the beach wedding theme that I was trying to achieve?

The special part of the design lies with the nautical ribbon.
I nearly gave up while trying to squeeze the ribbon through the small hole above the heart.

Finally an idea struck me ~_~ : covering the ribbon tip with scotch tape so that its hard and thus easier to poke it through the hole.

The final product.
Since its a wedding, I feel the special heart dangling around the ribbons adds to the lovey dovey feel. Gold, white, silver combination is simply elegant. And lastly, this is a beach wedding and the blue white ribbon represents the beach wedding theme.

I hope Swee will like this gift =)


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